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Job is a Duty with Responsibilities, Honesty, Dignity, Devotion, Concentration, Punctuality, Regulation and Obedience. The Tasks which you have been given or you have taken to complete; just have to be completed by using different ways in different circumstances. It's not important what you have done… important is the result of your struggles. Sometimes you struggled hard but failed so you have to take a little break to analyze the facts of your failure, after that recompile and reshape yourself to retry and achieve your goal.

So I'd like to work for better results and good achievements for my Company and for me as well. I'm something if my Company is something so my Company comes first rather than myself. And of course if my Company will earn and achieve, ultimately I'll have the same. My efforts matter to my Company so like that I am. I've been working in different Nations and Environments, in my home Country as well as in Foreign Lands. So I've got the experience of facing different challenges and fixing most of them as well. This time I'd like to have another challenging task from any reputed Company, where I could be a part of making it more developed and renowned Company or to maintain its status.

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